Monday, April 27, 2009

Debut of Blogging Booksellers

Barnes & Noble, Inc. has launched Barnes &'s "Blogging Booksellers," a new feature in the Barnes & Noble Studio (, an online destination featuring web video series and multimedia content about books, readers and writers. "The Best of the Best: B&N Studio's One Year Anniversary Collection" celebrates the past year with a special compilation of original shows, interviews and more. Since its launch in March 2008, the Barnes & Noble Studio has featured over 2,000 video and audio offerings, with new content being added weekly.

Barnes & Noble Studio's Blogging Booksellers

As a nod to customers' favorite book shopping experience - chatting with the sales staff about their favorite reads and recommendations - the Barnes & Noble Studio has created Blogging Booksellers, a program where Barnes & Noble booksellers from various stores around the country create and upload their own video blogs about their latest recommended reads and local store events.

Blogging Booksellers currently features 11 bloggers in nine cities across the country, with more to be added. Selected for their extraordinary passion and knowledge about books, the bloggers are tasked with creating short, entertaining, and informative videos, while giving a friendly face to their local stores. The video blogs, updated weekly, are filmed with user-friendly Flip cameras, offering a real-life and personalized account of recommended weekly reads, exciting news about local stores events, and other inside scoops from Barnes & Noble's stores and Barnes & (

Additionally, the "Store Locator" on Barnes & now allows visitors to identify stores with Blogging Booksellers in residence - a unique way for consumers to find their local "celeb" bloggers. This journal-like view of the stores and their communities offers a personalized, insider's feel to Barnes & Noble, giving online users and store visitors alike a unique shopping experience. (

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tips To Help Self-published Authors Sell Books Online Fast

Today, Jill Exler, founder of jexbo,, announced her tips for flourishing as a self-published author in a tough economy. Exler created jexbo so that authors can list their self-published books, get marketing bookmarks and customize a Web page to sell books online directly to customers for only 99¢ per month (plus jexbo receives 5% of whatever the author sells).

"If your workload is slow due to economic changes, there are several things you can do right now as a self-published author to build buzz, sell books online and grow," says Exler. Here are her tips:

* Enter Writing Contests.

There are numerous contests going on at various times of the year for self-published authors. To start, conduct an online search for "writing contests." Here are a few to start with:

You'll get some great exposure if you win. And even if you don't, the contest will give you time to practice and upgrade your writing skills.

* Share Your Personal Experiences and Tips to Sell Books Online.

If you are struggling with economic conditions, share your personal experiences and tips with others via blog entries, social media sites and more. Also, contact various publications and ask to write articles and blog entries at no charge.

You can obtain free publicity and help other self-published authors get through their current career and financial problems.

* Take a Class or Teach Other Self-Published Authors.

With a slower schedule, it may be the perfect time to take a writing or business course to improve your skills. Check your local community center, college, library, and various business associations for educational programs.

You'll improve your writing, meet new friends and learn valuable tips to help boost your attitude and career. And if you can't find a class, offer to teach one. Focus on your area of expertise and share your knowledge with others.

* Network.

Just because things are slow, it's not the time to reduce your networking efforts. In fact, start attending more events and meetings. You'll learn new things, meet interesting people and talk to other writers who can help you discover self-publishing opportunities you may not find on your own.

"Instead of waiting for things to change, use this down-time to prepare for the future," says Exler. "Share your experiences, improve your skills, meet other self-published authors, and enjoy new hobbies. You'll have a more positive attitude, sell more books online and see things start to move in a better direction filled with hope and opportunity!"

For more information, to buy self-published books, sell books online, and claim your exclusive, no-cost eReport, "The Top 5 Ways to Get Free Publicity for Your Self-Published Book Now," visit

Friday, April 24, 2009

Art Student Arranges Cover Art for Book by Spanish Author

Beth Halem never expected that a painting she created more than two years ago, during her sophomore year at SUNY Cortland, would be the cover art for a Spanish academic book.

Halem, of Roslyn, N.Y., a senior art and art history major, was approached by Professor of Spanish Wesley Weaver to find a few samples of her work that he could send to the author, Maria Isabel López Martinez, a colleague and friend of Weaver's.

"Beth was a student of mine for a couple of semesters and I thought it would be a great opportunity," said Weaver. "I am familiar with her work because I attended some of her exhibitions and she also made an oral presentation with one of her paintings in my class."

Martinez, a professor of literary theory and comparative literature at the University of Extremadura in Caceres, Spain, wrote La Mujer Ante el Espejo: Un Motive Literario y Artistico or The Woman Before the Mirror: A Literary and Artistic Motif. The book, which was published in mid-December, explains the recurring motif of the woman before the mirror, what she sees and how it's used as a literary device to develop character. Martinez discusses the origins and a development of the theme over time.

"Come Back to Bed," the mixed media painting that Martinez chose, was completed in Associate Professor of Art and Art History Lori Ellis' class during the 2006-07 school year. The piece, acrylic and wire on canvas, portrays a figure of a woman's back with wire wrapped around her body.

"The woman is sitting on her bed in the dark, next to the implied guy she is with," explained Halem. "She cannot appreciate the present because her mind is trapped in the past. The theme of being trapped in a situation is an illusion that your mind creates and controls. The man is saying 'come back to bed' because she is in a different place emotionally than he is.

"The painting is very fitting of the book because it shows the illusion of being trapped, women's motifs and symbolism."

"Beth's empathetic figures are a natural fit for this compelling book," said Ellis. "The international exposure will undoubtedly benefit her promising career as an artist and teacher."

Weaver, who wrote the book's introduction in English, connected Martinez with Edwin Mellen Press of Lewiston, N.Y., because she wanted to have the book published in the U.S.

"The company primarily produces books for research libraries and likes to have the authors supply their own cover art work," explained Weaver. "I thought this would give Beth exposure, something she will be able to interplay between the artwork and the book."

"It's really nice to have my work out there," noted Halem, who hopes to attend Queens College in the fall to pursue a graduate degree in early childhood education. "I feel really lucky to be given the opportunity because I never thought I would have a chance like this one. It's pretty cool to see it on the cover."

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wheatmark Continues to Boost Author Success with New Publishing Packages

Wheatmark, Inc., ( an industry-leading self-publishing company, has launched several new publishing packages created to help authors better angle their marketing efforts to the best possible niche. By tailoring their marketing, authors will likely sell more books than they would otherwise.

The packages are all genre-specific, including Fiction, Nonfiction, Professional, Poetry, and Color Children's Book packages. Each package has been developed to give the best possible support for each genre. As part of the new package launch, each package will also have a marketing analysis completed with sign up.

The marketing analysis, created by Wheatmark to give authors a clearer picture of their chances in the market place, is one of the many things that puts Wheatmark on a pedestal over other publishing services companies.

Each marketing analysis will be individually researched by a book marketing expert and the author will receive a detailed report.

For the month of April, Wheatmark will also offer free consultation to authors looking to publish their books and will also be providing their marketing workbook for free on their website.

For writers that have always wanted to publish their book, but found all the elements overwhelming, now is the time to sign up with Wheatmark. The unparalleled customer service, continued author education on book marketing, and now the specialized packages--including the marketing analysis--will get writers started on the path to being successful, published authors.


Sunday, April 19, 2009 Helps Frustrated Book Authors Land a Book Publishing Contract for a Six-Figure Advance

A group of local book authors has donated their time and wisdom to launch (, a new website to help aspiring authors write a book proposal and land a book publishing contract for a six-figure advance.

The book publishing industry holds a closely-guarded secret to getting published by a major book publisher -- the secret is writing a persuasive book proposal. Writing a successful book proposal allows book authors to earn a five or six-figure advance before they even start writing their manuscripts.

Brian Scott, the site’s creator and publishing director of Payday Publishing, said: "Many aspiring authors have never heard about a book proposal or how to use one to land a book publishing contract. Instead, these aspiring authors spend several months writing their books, and then grow old shopping their entire manuscripts around to busy book publishers and literary agents. It’s no wonder why many aspiring authors become frustrated and give up. This way does not work today."

To educate aspiring authors about using a book proposal, offers a free online "Book Proposal Writing Workshop," which teaches writers and book authors how to write a book proposal in seven days or less. The Workshop covers important topics such as: "Why write a book proposal first?," "How to generate ideas to write your book proposal," "How to write your book’s blurb for your book proposal," and "How to write your book proposal query letter." At the end of the Workshop, aspiring book authors can download a free sample book proposal and use it as a working template for their own work-in-progress proposals.

Besides offering a free book proposal workshop, offers many free how-to articles and audio articles on writing, designing and selling a book, as well as many instructional videos showing step-by-step how to write different components of a book proposal. also offers several free downloadable products covering book writing, book marketing, and self-publishing. A few of the website’s products include: "Hot Topics in Book Writing," "How to Get a Literary Agent," "Sit Down and Write that Bestselling Novel," and "Copyright Protection for Book Authors." is not just for authors who want to publish their books the traditional way, but also for self-publishers and independent e-book authors. "Even if you decide to self-publish or write a book as an e-book or a mobile digital book, you should know how to write a book proposal," said Scott. "If your self-published book becomes a big success, you may want to pitch your book (or book ideas) to a major book publisher or film agent to reap in the financial rewards." is part of a network of writing-related websites -- all run and maintained by working freelancers -- which include,, and

Visit and let professionals teach you how to write a book proposal and sell your book idea for a six-figure advance.

Digital Book Production Grows Revenue for Book Publishers

At the fourth annual INTERQUEST 2009 Digital Book Printing Forum on March 24, Kodak's Kevin Joyce discussed new opportunities for book publishers to expand their capabilities and grow revenue with digital book production. Joyce and other panel participants discussed the major trends in book printing, including the prospect of moving from offset to digital printing.

"In the digital space, books represent one of the top three fastest growing applications," said Joyce, Worldwide Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Digital Printing Solutions, Kodak. "Book publishing accounts for 25 percent of all printed pages, but only a small number of books are printed digitally, so there is tremendous potential for growth in this area."

For print service providers, digital printing provides tremendous gains in productivity. "It's a leaner process that also helps minimize the need for floor space, as complete book blocks are produced instead of signatures that need collating," added Joyce.

For publishers, the process of digitally printing short runs on demand helps reduce print overruns, which cuts down on having obsolete products and the need for costly warehousing. Digital production also enables a high degree of customization, opening up many new creative opportunities for authors and publishers, and making it easier than ever to customize book content or covers for current marketing activities.

Kodak's technologies and solutions for digital book production help publishers take advantage of these new opportunities in digital book production. The KODAK DIGIMASTER EX Production Platform, KODAK NEXPRESS Digital Production Color Presses, and KODAK Stream Inkjet Technology all help publishers "turn the page" on digital book production and make on-demand fulfillment and self publishing easier than ever.

The KODAK DIGIMASTER EX Production Platform offers book publishers exceptional flexibility with a wide range of robust system components that integrate seamlessly to produce high-volume black and white books. The inline folding, binding, trimming and on-demand book publishing capabilities give publishers full production power and flexibility to take on a broad array of high-value, high-volume applications—and deliver them with the quick turnaround, superb print quality, and a variety of finishing options readers demand.

Helping address the shift from black and white book printing to color is KODAK Stream Inkjet Technology, a continuous inkjet system that delivers offset class reliability, productivity, cost, and quality with the full benefits of digital printing for high-volume commercial applications. Kodak's NEXPRESS Presses help publishers address the shift from black and white printing to color in photo books, textbooks and children's books. The NEXPRESS Presses help book publishers produce consistent exceptional color quality, while incorporating higher value and higher margin photo press products into their book publishing operations.

To learn more, visit and

Friday, April 17, 2009

Free eBook Shows You How to Self Publish using a Book Template

A new ebook shows you step by step exactly How To Publish your Ebook as a Paperback on Amazon. The ebook comes with a Bonus Video that shows you exactly how to submit your book to Amazon for free.

Leigh Burke said, "Hot off the press is my latest Ebook, How To Publish your Ebook as a Paperback on Amazon.

I guide you step by step through the process of getting your book in the correct format for submission to Amazon, then submitting it and promoting your book on the world’s biggest virtual bookstore. And the best thing of all is submission to Amazon is free, and I show you how."

The ebook is 30 pages, and contains detailed instructions and screenshots guiding you step by step through the entire process.

With your ebooks for sale as physical books on Amazon, you’ll create another stream of income and increase your credibility as an author overnight.

There are a number of other distinct advantages to being a published author.

* You will be quoted in both the media and other books.
* You can add the book to your CV, biography and other marketing literature.
* You can purchase your own books at a heavily discounted price from the printer, and sell them yourself at seminars, conferences, training events, to customers, loved ones and friends.
* When you publish more than one book in your niche you gain credibility and become an expert in your field. This will increase your customers trust in you, and will lead to many indirect sales and consulting engagements.

You can grab your free copy here.

Thursday, April 16, 2009 is giving away free ebook on history of digital media

Twenty years ago, a CD-ROM was burned 'live' for the very first time, in front of a packed room of journalists from entertainment, technology, and business.

Chris Andrews was the person who burned that CD-ROM and while it was burning, he gave a speech about how to make a CD-ROM, and what it would mean now that people could make their own CD's and CD-ROM's.

Then he wrote a book about that moment and 25 other milestones, tracking the rise of digital media from libraries to corporations and ultimately into the entertainment business. The book is in short story format, and is now an ebook available at for $4.95, or members of the email list can get it for free.

The book title is "The Education of a CD-ROM Publisher: An Insider's History of Digital Publishing." The short story about the CD Burner launch is titled "A CD-ROM Bake-Off In The Middle Of Manhattan." Mr. Andrews also included stories about publishing his first ebook on CD-ROM, the Guinness Book of Records, and his extensive work with the Grammy Awards in the digital media area.

"It was an amazing time. CD-ROM was the beginning of digital media. It was the first time we could put music, video, and high quality photos on a computer," says Mr. Andrews. "As well, it gave us deep searchable text on our desktop. That moment in Manhattan with the CD Burner was magical and inspiring, it ushered in a new era where the power was put in the hands of the user."

"If people want to know where that CD Burner in their computer came from, or for that matter understand the roots of DVD, that is what I wrote about. I tried hard to also capture the adventure and spirit of those times."

Reviews of the book, which has previously been published in hardcover and paperback, have been enthusiastic. The Special Library Association Journal said "it reads like a spy novel" and has "a smooth, informal, and sensitive style which includes humor throughout."

The book was originally published in 1993, then then a second edition was published by CD-Info Company in 1998. The current publisher is Information Today, Inc. where the book is available in both hardcover and paperback.

Francis Juliano, who was an engineer with Meridian Data, Inc. at the time of the CD Burner launch thinks the CD Burner ultimately became an integral part of the Internet infrastructure. The product name of the CD Burner was CD Professional, and it was developed and marketed by Meridian Data.

"Downloading and sharing high quality content is now a part of our Information Society," says Mr. Juliano, "Imagine what it would have been like the last 10 years if we had not been able to burn CD's on our desktop. Of course, it helps that the price of a recordable CD has dropped from the original price of $120 a piece in 1989!"

Mr Juliano is now the Chief Markeiting Officer and Chief Information Officer for Wine Enthusiast.

"I was fortunate that we had this incredible group of people at Meridian Data," says Mr. Andrews, "At the time we had 80% of the worldwide market share for CD and CD-ROM publishing systems. We were not really a company, we were more like a powerful movement."

Mr. Andrews ebook will be free to anyone who signs up for the mailing list.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Over Ten Thousand Romance Titles are Now Just a Click Away

All Romance eBooks, an on-line bookstore that specializes in the sale of romance eBooks, announced today that they have launched a new mobile website.

"Readers who have Internet on their mobile device will now have access to over ten thousand titles through a special site that we've designed with them in mind," said Chief Operating Officer, Lori James.

ARe Mobile ( is faster and more streamlined, yet it contains everything our customers need when they are on the go. Users will be able to browse, buy, and best of all read on their cellular phones or wireless handhelds.

"There are millions of people reading eBooks now on their iPhones, iPods, BlackBerrys, and Kindles. With our new Buy Now option, their next great read is virtually just a click away," said Barbara Perfetti, All Romance eBooks' Chief Financial Officer.

All Romance eBooks, LLC ( sells romance eBooks for hundreds of publishers and their imprints. Founded in 2006 and privately held in partnership, All Romance eBooks is headquartered in Palm Harbor, Florida.

Self Publishing Authors now have the Chance to Sell Their Work in Bookstores Across Australia

Book Pal Australia, the only Australian self publishing service company that offers global book distribution for Australian self-published authors, has expanded their distribution system within Australia thanks to a new partnership with Angus and Robertson Bookstores.

With the Angus and Robertson partnership, readers can go to any Angus and Robertson store across Australia and order their books by any of Book Pal's authors. The partnership takes advantage of the Print on Demand publishing model, so authors don't have to print and pay for a stock of books in the stores, which is costly to the author.

Instead, the books are printed when they are ordered and are then shipped to the Angus and Robertson store of their choice for pick-up. The program is designed to be a simple, convenient and cost effective distribution method for both authors and readers alike.

"We're constantly looking for ways to help our authors sell their books to a worldwide audience," Terence Tam, CEO of Book Pal Australia, said. "This channel partnership with Angus and Robertson Bookstores is another way our authors can sell to the widest audience possible."

"Through our Book Pal network, our authors now have access to the world's largest book distribution network covering the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia."

To learn more, or to become a published author, visit their website at

Friday, April 10, 2009

Sony eBookStore Provides Access to a Half-Million Free Public Domain Books

Content for the Reader Digital Book by Sony just blew wide open. Starting today, The eBook Store from Sony will provide access to more than a half-million public domain books from Google optimized for current models of the Reader.

At Sony's eBook store (, a button on the front page leads to the books from Google, which people can transfer to their PRS-505 or PRS-700 Reader at no cost. The process is seamless for Reader owners who have an account at the store. Those new to the store will need to set up an account and download Sony's free eBook Library software. To start, people can access more than a half-million public domain books from Google, boosting the available titles from the eBook Store to more than 600,000.

"We have focused our efforts on offering an open platform and making it easy to find as much content as possible - from our store or others - whether that content is purchased, borrowed or free," said Steve Haber, president of the Digital Reading Business Division at Sony Electronics. "Working with Google, we can offer book lovers another avenue for free books while still providing a seamless experience from our store."

Books from Google will feature an extensive list of traditional favorites, including "The Awakening," "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court," and "Black Beauty," as well as a number of items that can be more difficult for people to access. For example, literature lovers can find and read The Letters of Jane Austen in addition to "Sense and Sensibility" and "Emma." Also included are a number of titles in French, German, Italian, Spanish and other languages. People can search the full text of the collection, or they can browse by subject, author, or featured titles.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Digital Book 2009: an eBook Stimulus Plan for Publishing

The Association of American Publishers (AAP) reported last week that eBook sales represent the fastest growing segment of the industry while US book sales are in decline across all major book publishing markets.

To promote eBook commercial success for booksellers, publishers, authors, and distributors the International Digital Publishing Forum ( will host its annual spring educational seminar on Tuesday, May 12, 2009 at the McGraw-Hill Auditorium in New York City. Added to this fast-paced "best practices" conference will be a half-day workshop to be held on the afternoon of Monday, May 11, 2009. Please see

"eBook sales are skyrocketing as we head into 2009. Reported eBook sales figures for January 2009 alone grew by more than 170% over January 2008. Digital Book 2009 will discuss the sales and marketing channels and tactics that booksellers and publishers can leverage to be part of the explosive eBook markets. New this year is a half-day hands-on workshop on May 11th with multiple tracks on eBook production, workflow as well as sales, marketing and business development," stated Michael Smith, Executive Director of IDPF.

Digital Book 2009 will include demonstrations and case studies from technology and publishing executives during panel presentations. Adam M. Smith, Director of Product Management for Google Book Search will be a featured presentation. Event sponsors for Digital Book 2009 include Aptara, Ingram Digital Group, Innodata-Isogen, LibreDigital, OverDrive, Inc., and TexTech, Inc. Attendees to Digital Book 2009 will also learn first-hand how the new EPUB publication format has been utilized by a variety of devices and software to expand the market for digital reading.

In prior years IDPF Digital Book events have been consistently sold-out. It provides a one-day forum that brings together market leaders in eReading software, hardware, mobile applications, and innovative sales channels for digital content. Digital Book 2009 affords attendees an opportunity to network with global publishing and technology leaders focused on the eBook market. Information and registration for the conference is available at

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Historical Romance Author Defies Age Stereotypes

Pearl Wolf, a 79-year-old New Yorker, loves theater, traveling and playing duplicate bridge. She hates to exercise but she does it anyway, just to stay healthy. But these activities take a back seat to her one true passion: writing historical romance novels--love stories filled with desire, political intrigue, suspense and adventure set in interesting times long gone. While many may find her "passion for passion" extraordinary, Wolf is amused at the astonishment on people's faces when she tells them her age.

"Why lie about such a mundane fact? Just because one reaches a certain age doesn't mean that one forgets about the sensuous side of life. I love to write, I love history and I love romance. To write a compelling romance within the framework of a period in history with fidelity to the facts, gives my readers a double dose of pleasure; they enjoy reading a fast-paced love story and they learn something about that particular historical era in the process."

At 79, Wolf has achieved what many writers only dream of: a two-book deal with a major New York publisher, Kensington Books. Her current historical romance, TOO HOT FOR A SPY (ISBN-10: 1420104802, ISBN-13: 978-1420104806, $3.99), will be released this month with the sequel TOO HOT FOR A RAKE slated for 2010. These are part of a series about the Fairchilds - the Duke of Heatham, his wife, five daughters and one son, his heir. They are an adventurous lot whose exploits turn the duke's hair grey. Readers are certainly in for a treat, judging by the rave reviews she receives, from comparisons to Jane Austen to praise for her ability to combine history with romance successfully.

When asked whether her age makes it easier to write stories that are set in the past, Wolf says, "Not necessarily, given the large number of successful historical romance writers of all ages in the marketplace today. For me, the challenge is to represent with accuracy the periods in which my novels are set. My age simply gives me a deeper appreciation of history. The themes of love, betrayal, political intrigue, redemption and a happy ending are everything a writer needs to write a successful romance." Wolf's outgoing personality makes her a perfect candidate for shattering stereotypes. "There is romance in every woman's soul regardless of her age. I prefer to celebrate rather than to mourn the romance life has to offer."

Pearl Wolf lives in Manhattan, has two sons and three grandsons. She is active in several writer's organizations. These include Florida Romance Writers, Liberty State Fiction Writers, Mystery Writers of America, NYC Chapter, New Jersey Romance Writers and Sisters in Crime, NY-Tristate Chapter (past president). Visit her website at to learn more about her and her work.

Friday, April 3, 2009

New Website Helps Self-Published Authors Sell Books Fast

Thanks to mother and entrepreneur Jill Exler, now authors can easily sell their self-published books online at jexbo(tm), For only 99¢ per month (plus jexbo receives 5% of whatever the author sells), authors can list their self-published books, get marketing bookmarks and customize a Web page to sell books directly to customers. And as a special bonus, anyone posting new books on the site receives an exclusive, free eReport "The Top 5 Ways to Get Free Publicity for Your Self-Published Book Now!"

"A combination of my name and the word 'books,' jexbo is the first company to offer self-published authors the opportunity to market and sell books online cost-effectively directly to buyers," says Exler. "Not only do users receive their own website page and bookmarks for marketing purposes, but readers can buy books in numerous categories and communicate directly with the self-published authors."

Quoted in The Detroit Free Press, Pink Magazine Online, StartupNation, and others, jexbo offers unique gifts for readers and many benefits for authors trying to sell self-published books:

Be your own boss.

Rather than dealing with various publishers and management styles, self-published authors can market and sell books directly to customers and keep about 95% of the profits.

Save money.

There are no long-term contracts. Authors can list their books for just 99¢ each per month, reach a worldwide audience of potential customers and opt-in or out at their convenience.

Get no-cost marketing.

At no extra cost, authors can customize a Website page on jexbo with photos and appropriate copy to help market and sell books. Plus, they can access customized bookmarks and an online forum to share marketing tips and information with other authors.

Maintain control.
Authors can set pricing a
nd market books when and how they see fit. They can also change marketing messages at any time and talk directly to customers.

Buy books.

Readers can find more than 60 titles in numerous categories for all ages, buy books they won't see anywhere else and communicate directly with the authors.

"Thank you for creating this much-needed site," says Todd Clements, author of Haunts of Mackinac Ghost Stories, Legends, and Tragic Tales of Mackinac Island. "I'll be one of the first to take advantage of all the cost-effective marketing benefits you provide for self-published authors."

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Search Inside Submission Helps Authors Sell More Books at

Amazon's "Search Inside the Book" feature allows potential book buyers to peruse the front cover, back cover, table of contents and featured excerpts of the book, just as if they were shopping in a brick-and-mortar bookstore.

Up until now, submitting a book to Search Inside has been a somewhat cumbersome ordeal, starting with sending an email to the appropriate autoresponder at Amazon, waiting for a reply and then either creating an alternate log-in account through Amazon's Seller Central, or mailing a hard copy of the book to Amazon's offices in Seattle. In the latter case, the submission process typically takes as long as 6 weeks or more; and in the former, the author is required to upload a specific PDF file according to Amazon's specifications, a file the author all too often doesn't have access to at all.

Announcing great news for self-publishing authors! At least for those authors published through Outskirts Press, who today announced the launch of their Amazon Search Inside Submission Service. Now published authors through Outskirts Press may simply request this service through their Marketing Center, conveniently and efficiently. Typically within 5 business days, their Search Inside is activated on their Amazon Product Detail page, depending upon Amazon's turnaround time.

"Search Inside is an oft-misunderstood and highly valuable component of Amazon," states Outskirts Press CEO Brent Sampson and author of Sell Your Book On Amazon. "Not only does Search Inside allow potential buyers a more comprehensive view of the book they are considering, but it populates Amazon's database with valuable information about the book's content, which improves Amazon's search results and customer targeting for the book. These can all add up to improved sales performance." claims that, statistically, books with "Search Inside" activated sell better than books without and self-publishing authors would do well to use every resource and tool at their disposal to tip the scales in their favor. To that end, Outskirts Press has assembled a team of marketing support experts offering their published authors a wide range of marketing and promotion services/products, now including Amazon's Search Inside Submission.

The service could not come at a better time, with so many businesses and individuals struggling to find success during the weakened economy. Online resources such as make it convenient for consumers to locate and purchase their books with specificity. This also gives a self-published author the same platform as any traditionally-published author to sell their books. Cutting out the middle man enables the self-published author to keep a higher percentage of their books sold and retain all their rights. In this economic climate, it is no wonder so many authors are seeking to take charge of their own publishing fate.