Monday, September 28, 2009

Self Publishing Authors Get Theft and File Sharing Protection, a leading service provider that helps thousands of self-publishing authors sell and deliver ebooks has introduced it's newest feature, The PDF Protection Suite. The suite contains four independently operated protection features that authors control.

The suite includes:
Digital Fingerprinting, which imprints the purchasers name, full address, phone number and email address on the bottom of every page in the ebook.

Automated Password Protection, which requires the purchaser to enter their email address when opening the ebook.

Print Disabling, which prevents the purchaser from printing the ebook.

Content Copy Disabling, which prevents the purchaser from copying text or images from the ebook.

"Our PDF Protection Suite is the answer to many self-publishing authors digital prayers," explained Art DeVaughn, Director of Programming. "Ebook Authors can feel confident that their ebooks are protected and at the same time buyers are not locked to a single viewing device, it's a win-win solution."

In addition to the PDF Protection Suite, also protects all published material with an Automated Link Sharing Blocker as well as several other security features designed to stop sharing and theft.


Sound Authors Radio Show Releases Interview with Kathryn Lasky and Wayne Gratz

Kathryn Lasky is the award-winning author of several children's books, including the New York Times Best Illustrated Children's Book, 'She's Wearing a Dead Bird on Her Head!' Kathy's imaginative new series, 'Daughters of the Sea,' tells the story of three mermaid sisters who, separated at birth by a storm, go on to lead three very different, and very exciting lives. Also on the show: musician Wayne Gratz. Wayne's music has been used for the Olympic games specialty segments, NBC television specials, and as background music for numerous other television/radio advertisements, including a Tiger Woods segment and Thomas Kinkade's new DVD.

Sound Author's host Dr. Kent Gustavson had the pleasure of interviewing Kathryn and Wayne on the September 18, 2009 show. This podcast and all archived podcasts can be searched from the Sound Authors website at
Each Friday at 3PM Eastern Standard Time, Sound Authors radio show features live interviews and readings from all varieties of authors, known and not-yet-known; all soon-to-be bestselling authors from all walks of life, from Hollywood actors to marathoners, to PhD therapists or life coaches.

Tune in to the show on September 25, 2009 to listen to satirical singer/songwriter Roy Zimmerman telling us exactly what's so funny about war, poverty, ignorance, bigotry, neo-conservatism, homophobia, greed and fear. The LA Times says of his satirical songs that, "Zimmerman displays a lacerating wit and keen awareness of society's foibles that bring to mind a latter-day Tom Lehrer."

Sound Authors radio show each week is replete with authors from around the country and around the world, each telling their tales, from self-help to fiction, children's books to thrillers, how-to books to corporate guidebooks.

Original music is also featured, along with up-and-coming bands and singer-songwriters. Listen for musician interviews and fresh music each week! No need to run out to your nearest bookstore to find the next great book or CD. Tune in to Sound Authors every Friday at 3PM EST on Blog Talk Radio at The show also podcasts each interview separately, and all archived podcasts can be searched from the Sound Authors website at or .

UA Marks Banned Books Week

You might be surprised by some of the titles that have ended up banned book lists or come close. They include "The Color Purple" by Alice Walker, Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code" and the "Harry Potter" series by J.K. Rowling.

In honor of the freedom to read, the University of Arizona is joining other institutions and organizations across the nation to host events during Banned Books Week, which begins Saturday.

The celebration, which runs through Oct. 3, will include an exhibition at the University of Arizona Libraries, film screenings and a "read out."

Banned Books Week, an annual event, was created to honor reading as well as the nation's First Amendment, according to the American Library Association.

The event "highlights the benefits of free and open access to information while drawing attention to the harms of censorship by spotlighting actual or attempted bannings of books across the United States," the association also noted.

"Intellectual freedom – the freedom to access information and express ideas, even if the information and ideas might be considered unorthodox or unpopular – provides the foundation for Banned Books Week."

Nationally, the association co-sponsors the week along with a number of others, including the American Society of Journalists and Authors and the National Association of College Stores. The Center for the Book in the Library of Congress endorses the event.

At the UA, the UA Libraries and the student-led Progressive Librarians Guild within in the School of Information Resources and Library Science have put together an exhibitition of banned and challeneged books and articles. The exhibit opened today and is located at the UA's Main Library.

Other events, all of which are free and open to the public, include a film festival, which will be held Monday, 7-9 p.m., at the Gallagher Theater, located in the Student Union Memorial Center.

The event will including a screenings of "Quills," a feature-length portrayal of a battle between the Marquis de Sade and French authorities who were attempting to censor his writings. The event also also include a tribute to banned books and a screening of the 1910 silent version of "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz."

On Wednesday, an event at the Main Library will feature a screening of "Writers and Censorship," a short film with authors Salman Rushdie and Taslima Nasrin discussing censorship in modern times. The two-hour event begins at 6 p.m.

The event also includes a panel dicussion, during which panelists will talk about their favorite challenged materials, while also discussing the importance of access to a diverse range of ideas in a democratic society.

The panelists are Dan Lee, the UA's director of copyright and scholarly communications; Kimberly Chapman, an assistant librarian; David Robsinson, a UA associate professor of English; and two local Holocaust survivors, Irving Senor and Selena Neuhauser."

The event will also include a "read out." Community members are invited to read challenged books. Passages will be offered during the event, but people can also bring their own.

Monday, September 21, 2009

New Author Uses Guerrilla Tactics To Publish Traditional Book

Kevin Glennon has created guerrilla and viral campaigns for IKEA and Barack Obama, and now he's using those same techniques to get his first book published.

Normally a new author would have to write perhaps hundreds of letters to get the attention of a book publisher. The advent of social media and other online options, however, has opened up communications channels that simply didn't exist just a few years ago, and Glennon is a pioneer in these areas. In an age where "green" is an important term to many, Glennon's guerrilla efforts are both environmentally-friendly as well as effective from a targeted marketing perspective.

"I want to connect with publishers who understand the future of communications," noted Glennon. "There are publishers out there who read their news online and use email more than their local post office. The best way to reach them, naturally, is online."

Glennon published a web site and blog for his book, and has created accounts on popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The fictional efforts are written from the perspective of the lead character of Glennon's book, "Vikings, Vampires, and Mailmen."

"Millions of people use social media sites to stay in touch with their friends and co-workers," said Glennon. "What's important to note with publishing, television, and filmmaking is that social media sites are the future for staying in touch with fans. In-between book releases and television seasons, the use of fictional social media accounts keeps fans in on the action and provides significant value."

Glennon cites as examples of the extension of traditional programming and publishing the many television programs that use web sites and mobisodes to deliver additional content to viewers. Broadcasters like NBC use online video to extend the content of their shows. For example, not only are episodes of the hit show "Lost" online, there are additional online videos available to tease viewers and offer additional content they wouldn't have seen by watching the show only via their traditional television sets.

"My book hasn't been published yet, and already I'm receiving fan mail," said Glennon.

The web site for Glennon's book is:

Google Signs Agreement with On Demand Books

Google has agreed to provide On Demand Books, LLC (ODB), the maker of the Espresso Book Machine (EBM), with immediate access to over two million public-domain titles in the Google digital files. This unprecedented number of reading options is in addition to the current 1.6 million titles already available directly to consumers via the Espresso Book Machine.

The Espresso Book Machine is a small, patented high-speed automated book-making machine. In a few minutes it can print, bind and trim a single-copy library-quality paperback book complete with a full-color paperback cover.

"ODB, in effect an ATM for books, will radically decentralize direct-to-consumer distribution," says Jason Epstein, Chairman and co-founder of ODB. "With the Google inventory the EBM will make it possible for readers everywhere to have access to millions of digital titles in multiple languages, including rare and out of print public domain titles."

"This is a revolutionary product," says Dane Neller, CEO and co founder of ODB. "Instead of the traditional Gutenberg model of centrally producing, shipping and selling we sell first, then produce. In a matter of minutes you can get a paperback book identical to one you can get in a store at point of sale. In addition to readers, On Demand Books will bring substantial benefits to authors, retailers and publishers. It has the potential to change the publishing industry."

The Espresso Book Machine is powered by EspressNet, a proprietary and copyrighted software system that connects EBM to a vast network of permissioned content. Using industry-standard encryption methods EspressNet assures the security of publishers' titles, tracks all jobs, and provides for payments to publishers. Content owners retain full ownership and control of their digital files. Demand Books/Page Two Key benefits of On Demand Books include:

1. Decentralizing the production and distribution of physical books.
2. The ability to offer bookstores, libraries, universities and other retailers, a virtually limitless digital inventory and a more efficient delivery of printed books.
3. Enabling self-published authors to have instant print distribution.
4. Bringing books to underdeveloped areas to encourage literacy.
5. Reducing the carbon footprint by matching supply with demand, eliminating returns and supply chain costs as well as unnecessary pulping of paper.

Monday, September 14, 2009 Debuts Their New Venue for Introducing Authors to the Public (href=""> is a valuable new venue available to help authors acquaint the reading public with their literary work. Videos, audios, pictures and interesting narratives of the authors and their books are the mediums used to provide exciting presentation of their creative work. provides its visitors an experience akin to a cyber visit in their own home by their favorite author. Both well know authors and exciting new talent are featured side by side on You get to hear and see new talent like Stephenie Meyer and seasoned author Stephen King talk about their books along with up and coming authors of books like Hulagu’s Web take their turn on the cyber stage. The site features hand picked exciting talent that include notables like writer Gwynne Forster, James Patterson, Khaled Hosseini and many others.

When asked what prompted the creation of this new web property, Stacie Hearne, President of stated: "I felt America needed to hear and see these exciting authors talk about their stories. Our venue gives them a platform to interface with the reading public and add their voice to their creation. These authors need to be seen and heard and I'm most excited that I have a hand in helping them get a bit more of the credit that their tremendous talent deserves."

Hearne when on to say, "Who else would be more qualified to portray the real voice of their work, than the actual author? Their passion and energy poured into their masterpieces is even more evident when you see and hear them talk about their books." will be looking for new authors to feature on the site and will be working with publishers, PR people, book agents and independents to find more literary gems. Hearne said, "For this new venue we don’t care what the literary critics say, we care what the public wants and what is exciting and timely." We will be supporting the Independent and Self Publishers who have lately become the most prolific producers of the best literature available. The archaic bureaucratic and political process of traditional publishers appears to have curtailed their ability to find and recognize new literary talent. This is really not a new problem because authors like Vince Flynn, Zane Grey, John Grisham, James Joyce, Deepak Chopra to name a few had to rely on independents and self publishing to launch their writing career because traditional publishers failed to recognize their literary excellence. If it was not for the independent publishers and self publishers, society would not have enjoyed those authors and many other great authors of today. That is why we will be seeking and welcoming authors from all publishing venues. Books on will be judged on their merits and not on the publishers name."

When asked what her predictions were for the new venue for authors, she said, "If this web property succeeds it will be the result of the excitement that these authors bring to the public and the reader’s thirst to know more about the person behind the book." Announces Lifetime Revenue Sharing for Publishing Partners

Lulu, the marketplace for digital content on the Internet, has launched a new partnership program designed to maximize revenue for partner organizations while expanding the availability of its feature-rich tools and services for authors seeking hassle-free publishing.

"We want to build mutually beneficial relationships with true partners," said Harish Abbott, Lulu's Senior Vice President of Products. "Helping authors succeed is what Lulu is all about, and we're excited to partner with groups that share the vision."

The Lulu Publishing Partner Program supplies participating U.S. organizations and companies with a branded Web page to register members and customers with Lulu and a branded online marketplace to sell and promote their works. Lulu Publishing Partners can share in the success of their associated authors for a lifetime, receiving a portion of revenue from all services purchased and books sold.

The program lets partners expand their offerings while helping authors overcome typical sales and marketing challenges to reach a wider audience. And it's all backed by Lulu, which has deep expertise in technology and the online marketplace.

For more information about the Lulu Publishing Partner Program, visit

Blogging Creates Careers Even in a Bleak Economy

Book publishers told author Gwen Cooper that her idea to write a book about her blind cat, Homer, and how he changed her life was not distinguished enough. That all changed when she posted a blog about the cat entitled "Night of the Hunter" on Open Salon.

One week later, Cooper had a firm offer for a book deal from Random House. The book, titled "Homer's Odyssey: A Fearless Feline or How I Learned About Love and Life from a Blind Wonder Cat," was released today, just ten months later.

Open Salon is the popular subsite of, the web's award-winning news and entertainment site. Open Salon offers writers and photographers a home for their work, with a built-in audience of over 5 million readers. While anyone can post on Open Salon, two Salon editors review and promote the very best content as "Editor's Picks" on the front page Salon. As a result, exceptional content receives widespread visibility and readership, leading to recognition and sometimes even book contracts.

"My blog post, ‘Night of the Hunter,' was promoted on Open Salon as an Editor's Pick, and from there it went viral with a speed and scope that even those of us who believed in Homer's Odyssey were unprepared for," said Cooper. "It turned up on, Digg, Reddit, Propeller, pet websites, ‘women's stories' websites, and more blogs than I could keep track of. It was mentioned in a Columbia Journalism Review article about the ‘gripping reads' that could be found on Open Salon. I'm thankful to Open Salon and to the endlessly optimistic fellow bloggers who were so integral in getting us to this point."

To read Gwen Cooper's latest Open Salon post about her new book, go to:

Homer's Odyssey isn't the first book deal to result from a Salon blog. Julie Powell, author of bestseller Julie and Julia landed her book deal after blogging about her experience cooking Julia Child's recipes on an early Salon blog program which became the prototype of Open Salon. The book became a blockbuster movie, now playing in theaters.

"When we opened up our first Open Salon beta to the public last August, we were blown away by the quality of the writing we attracted almost immediately," said Joan Walsh, Salon's editor-in-chief. "Gwen's post was a standout and we are so pleased that Salon was the forum that landed her the book deal.

"We offer our congratulations to both Gwen Cooper and Julie Powell. It's hard to turn your vision into a book or movie, and we are proud of providing the platform for two great writers to reach the world with their talent."

To read more about what Joan Walsh has to say about Open Salon, go to:

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Barnes & Noble Publishing Program Reissues Out of Print Titles

Barnes & Noble, Inc. has launched Barnes & Noble Rediscovers, a new publishing program that will return to print important and noteworthy books in affordable, high quality, hard cover editions. Each title will have newly designed covers and be completely reset in a modern readable typeface. The first 33 titles in the series are priced between $9.95 and $14.95 and are available in Barnes & Noble stores and online at Barnes & (
The first titles include a treasure trove of literary gems and classic works in the humanities and sciences including:

-- DARWIN'S CENTURY by Loren Eiseley. 2009 is the bicentennial of Darwin's birth. Eiseley is world-famous for his later humanist meditations on man's place in nature. This book won the Phi Beta Kappa Award as the best book in science in 1959.

-- THE PURSUIT OF THE MILLENNIUM by Norman Cohn. (Medieval History) Selected by the Times Literary Supplement as one of the 100 most influential works of nonfiction published since WWII.

-- SHAKESPEARE AND THE GODDESS OF COMPLETE BEING by Ted Hughes. The only major book-length critical work by the former poet laureate of England (and Sylvia Plath's husband).

-- HISTORY IN ENGLISH WORDS by Owen Barfield. Barfield was a close friend of both C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien--and a major influence on their work (as they have said.)

Stuart Miller, Executive Editor of the Rediscovers series and a long time Barnes & Noble publishing veteran, said, "We intend to be quite selective, but when you start digging into this it is astonishing how many worthwhile and important books are out of print."

"The Barnes & Noble Rediscovers series opens a new door for us and a new window for writers and estates who have earned no income on their works for years. We plan to expand the capabilities of the program to include both eBook and print on demand options," said Marcus Leaver, President of Sterling Publishing, Barnes & Noble's publishing subsidiary.

The Daily Tweet - A New Way to Track the Trends of the 'Twittersphere'

The Daily Tweet, a new way to track the trends of the 'Twittersphere', is launched. The Daily Tweet is a real-time news and information service powered by the potent trending topics of Twitter. It is a useful way to discover and track the trends of the 'Twittersphere' and surface tweets, news and other interesting information related to what people are talking and tweeting about.

Tracking those trends…

Twitter trends tend to focus on breaking news, famous individuals, politics, technology and controversy. As Twitter has grown, the trending topics have become an integral part of using the service with many trends provoking reaction and large-scale discussion. With the Daily Tweet users can expand upon each trending topic to discover useful links, news stories, blog posts, web sites and videos that provide extra information and coverage.

Furthermore, trending topics can be tracked over twenty four and forty eight hours to provide a rich and comprehensive insight in to what is being discussed and linked to across the 'Twittersphere'. In all, the Daily Tweet is capable of tracking up to sixty trends at any one time and also provides users with a full search option via tweetzi.

"Twitter is providing the key platform for leveraging real-time data from around the globe - the Daily Tweet joins tools such as tweetzi (twitter search) that allow users to use 'tweet data' in new and exciting ways." suggests Craig Hughes (HGi), the developer of the Daily Tweet.


Write a Craft Book - Truly "Money While You Sleep" by Bob Beacham

There's a lot of hype about working from home and making money on the internet but one of the true "make money while you sleep" opportunities is to write a craft book. If you've got an idea, or some crafting experience, then other crafters will pay you handsomely for your knowledge.

The "money while you sleep" bit? Well once you've put in the initial effort then what we called residual income takes over. People on the other side of the world, at all times of the day and night, will buy your work. You might be sleeping or on vacation and you'll still get paid, probably for years and years into the future. It's why writing has always been such a popular profession.

It's a profession that has become much easier and much more profitable to get into in recent years. There was a thought that computers and ebooks would reduce the number of books sold but in fact the opposite is true. Many, many more books are sold now than in pre-internet days and craft books lead the way. A third of all new books sold today are either crafts-related or cookery.

So the market is there for you, without doubt. Breaking into it is easier than ever before too. If you can type and click a mouse you can not only write a craft book, you can publish it yourself as well. You don't need to be satisfied with the paltry ten or fifteen percent of cover price that traditional craft book publishers pay either. Now you can be looking at up to ninety percent with digitally delivered craft ebooks and even with hardback you might expect twenty to thirty percent.

So why doesn't every crafts person write a craft book? Beats me. It's not going to make you an overnight millionaire - but that's an internet myth and anybody who offers you that is quite simply a liar. What it can offer you is anything from a substantial extra income to a comfortable full-time living depending on the effort you are prepared to put in. Financial freedom? Definitely achievable. Money while you sleep? Absolutely.

Sound good? Well why wouldn't it! For full details of how to write and publish your craft book click here now: Write A Craft Book. It's exactly the same info I've used to write, publish and sell my own successful craft books - it's simple, fun and outrageously profitable!