Saturday, October 27, 2007

Don't Judge This Book By Its Cover

"It has to be one of the ugliest covers released all summer," admits Amanda Hamm, author of the recently published Dear Jane Letters. She goes on to explain that she was working on the cover with software that existed on her pc only as a free trial. "I was on the verge of chucking the design and starting over when the software expired. I went ahead and submitted it so I could go back to writing. Now I hate looking at it."

While the author's excuse is nearly as poor as the cover, those who get past it will find a true gem in Women's Fiction. Dear Jane Letters is a debut novel told with a fresh voice. Readers of all ages will enjoy the laugh out loud moments as well as some of the more subtle witticisms, clearly inspired by Jane Austen herself. The book is heavy on dialog so you feel you are watching things unfold rather than being told the story later, and it even comes complete with a Hollywood-style happy ending.

The author resides in Cary, NC and insists her next book will be something "completely different." One can only hope this means someone else will be designing the cover.

Website: Dear Jane Letters

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