Sunday, November 18, 2007

Easier Publishing of Digital Goods at, the online digital goods marketplace, has new features on the file sharing site for easier publishing of digital goods. Now everyone with a good photo, MP3 recording or collection of Christmas poems can upload and start selling files within minutes.

"With more than 9,000 active merchants and 2.5 million downloads a day, has reached a milestone as the download marketplace," says Ralf Schwoebel, founder and CEO of Tradebit, Inc. " was profitable within three months of its 2005 launch and has relaunched five times since then to help our users more easily and quickly participate in file sharing activities."

The file sharing marketplace's new functionality allows anyone to upload and publish any kind of software. After uploading, the site automatically creates video previews, product images and payment buttons for the seller. Payments are processed by Paypal or Clickbank. is host to prominent partners such as, the service company for independent musicians. The site also hosts well-known Hollywood directors who sell their podcasts on the platform.


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