Thursday, June 14, 2007

Publicist, Publisher, and Writer Team up to Help Authors

Last October, Yvonne Perry of Nashville, Tennessee started a podcast called Writers in the Sky as an outreach of her company Write On! Creative Writing Services. Since then, she has interviewed more than 30 authors and continues to upload a new show to her Weblog each Friday.

The show follows a consistent format. Most have two 15- to 20-minutes segments containing tips for book marketing, advice to improve writing skills and information to ensure a better understanding of the publishing industry. Guest authors share how they got started as a writer, how they published their work, and a synopsis of their book. By sharing publishing and marketing experience, writers and authors learn from one another's mistakes and triumphs.

Yvonne Perry is a freelance writer, author, podcast host, newsletter publisher, blogger, teleseminar instructor and business owner with a team of full-time freelance ghostwriters and editors. As the author of two non-fiction books, she understands the importance of proper book publicity. She is actively promoting Right to Recover, Winning the Political and Religious Wars over Stem Cell Research in America due to be published by Nightengale Press ( in October. As a highly sought-after ghostwriter, Yvonne writes and edits mainly for non-fiction clients. Her goal is to connect these and other authors with the publishing industry and help them promote their books.

Having a book accepted by one of the major publishing houses is becoming more and more difficult. Those who have already established their fame have a good chance of being picked up, but most new authors aren't that lucky. Even those who are accepted report that they receive little or no help from the large publisher in marketing their book. Independent publishers are much more willing to work with their authors. Peachtree Publishers of Atlanta, Georgia ( is quite focused on marketing and publicizing their authors and books. They have a substantial number of previously unpublished authors on their backlist and frontlist. Paula Herr, Publicity Manager for Peachtree Publishers, landed a spot for Sheri Sinykin on Writers in the Sky to talk about her book Giving Up the Ghost. Sinykin was a good fit to share her recent bout and triumph over writer's block.

Many of Yvonne's podcast guests come from Authors Marketing Experts (AME) with spiritual or self-help books or fiction novels to intrigue readers. Several authors represented by AME ( will make guest appearances on Writers in the Sky Podcast this summer including: Bill Gottlieb, Eddie Baker, Penny Sansevieri, James Therrian, and Susan Schaab. Many of these guests will be interviewed by other members of the Write On! team who enjoy having a chance to speak directly with authors after reading their book.

The show is available for download on and on Yvonne's blog: . For more information about this podcast, see

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