Sunday, November 25, 2007

How to Get Experts to Contribute to Your Book


It really is THAT simple.

I could have written that one simple word, "ASK" and called this article complete. Honestly.

Everything else is just "extra."

When Scott Britner needed $10,000 to buy his children digital hearing aids, he asked for help from someone he knew had the answers. When he was told what to do, he did it. He generated the $10,000 starting from scratch in just 45 days.

From nothing to everything he asked for in 45 days. And it all started by just asking.

So why don't we ask...

1.) Many just don't know what to ask for.

By now, you know your book title, the subject for your book and some ideas for the content and sections of your book. You know what to ask for.

Find current experts in this area and ask if you can use their content (an article, teleseminar transcript, etc.) in your book. Be sure to ask if they have an item you can use as a "bonus" when you promote your book. This will come in handy later.

Most will jump at the chance because it's more exposure for them.

2.) As we've grown older, we have been programmed to STOP asking.

Ask and you shall receive.

You've gotten 95% of everything you have (either positive or negative) because at some point, in some way, you asked for it.

Tell yourself that it's ok to ask. It's important to ask. You'll never be successful unless you ask.

Reprogram yourself to be in the habit of asking. It will do incredible things in your life – I promise.

3.) We've received enough rejection, embarrassment and hurt from our early adult years that we now think it's easier to settle for less than deal with the fear that's resulted from these past experiences.

Rejection, embarrassment and hurt are just facts of life. Face it and get over it!

If you ask for what you want, you may get rejected.

If you don't ask for what you want, you're 100% guaranteed to be rejected. Rejected from your dreams because you failed to at least ask.

You'll get a NO from 100% of the people you don't ask. At least if you ask you'll get a few who say YES.

And believe me... you only need a few.

When I went for my $10,000 goal, I asked 50 people to help me. I only received 3 positive responses.

Don't feel sorry for me. I only wanted the people who wanted to be there. And those 3 people helped me generate the $10,000 just 18 days after I received the first response.

So I was rejected 47 times. I achieved my goal and MUCH more with just a few who said YES.

Know what you want. Be clear about your purpose and your goals.

Be passionate about what you are asking for.

Take action even when you're afraid.

Learn from experience so you can continue to become better at asking for what you want.

Be persistent - if you don't get what you want, keep asking until you do.

Ask from your heart. You can have anything you want if you want it desperately enough! If you are passionate enough – others with similar purposes will flock to your side.

Be sure to give something to get something. When you're asking, always be sure to explain what's in it for them, how they benefit and win because they've acted positively on your request.
Remember, even though what you want is about you and your goals, the best way to get others to help is to tell them what's in it for THEM.

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