Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Biblio File Podcast for Book Authors

The Biblio File is a live call-in talk show hosted by Chris Meadows via the TalkShoe podcasting service. The focus of this show is books and the publishing industry. Guests and audience members may call in by ordinary telephone or Voice-Over-IP and participate in the discussion, as well as share comments by text-based chat. The show can be streamed live or downloaded as an mp3 podcast after recording ends.

In prior shows, Meadows has interviewed authors Diane Duane, Sharon Lee, and Steve Miller regarding their use of the "Storyteller's Bowl" publishing model, conducted a lengthy interview with author Peter S. Beagle about his career and works, spoken to Mercedes Lackey and Steve Libbey about their podiobook podcast "The Secret World Chronicle," interviewed P.C. Hodgell about her Kencyr novels, and interviewed Phil and Kaja Foglio about their Girl Genius webcomic.
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