Saturday, February 2, 2008

Paranormal Romance Blog

Harlequin's Paranormal Romance Blog ( is a new blog dedicated to paranormal romance novels, one of the fastest growing romance fiction categories in the world.

Created and hosted by the editors, authors and other personnel behind Harlequin's various imprints, is the first such site dedicated solely to the genre.

Editors, authors and readers exchange ideas and opinions and engage in friendly, passionate discussions about the paranormal romance genre. Editors and authors explain the allure of the supernatural and the forbidden-such as the eternal magnetism of vampires. Readers are encouraged to weigh in to the discussions with their likes and dislikes about paranormal romance books and- as some of the individuals writing and shaping the stories are hosting the blog-perhaps even help shape the plots and themes of future paranormal romance novels.


Marta said...

Actually, while the press release said this was the first blog dedicated to paranormal romance, there are several others out there and have been for years.

Andy said...

Paranormal Romance is a far-reaching genre, while vampires and witches attract some, others may prefer a remarkable tale of the afterlife such as A.Goodwin Summerville's "Woman of Light - the Afterlife" a romance like no other.