Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sedona Author Albert Clayton Gaulden Offers Book for Free on Web Site

Sedona author, Albert Clayton Gaulden, offers his book You're Not Who You Think You Are free on his web site,

Originally self-published as a 259-page hardback, Albert Clayton Gaulden's third book, You're Not Who You Think You Are, sold several thousand copies. But since publishing heavyweight Simon and Schuster recently picked up the book and will release the new version this December, Gaulden decided to give away the remaining original, self-published copies for free on his web site,

"I decided to give them away off the Internet for free, while they last," Gaulden said. "This way people can have the chance to get to know me better - warts and all - and decide whether an 'Intensive' is right for them".

Sports figures, actors, royalty, Wall Street executives and people from all walks of life seek the guidance of Albert Clayton Gaulden. World-renowned astro-intuitive, author, transpersonal psychologist and founding director of the Sedona Intensive, Gaulden has quickly emerged as the face of mainstream self-help and spirituality.

Best-known for his no-nonsense style and direct approach, Gaulden helps people crack-open the self-beliefs that constrain them. In his new book, You're Not Who You Think You Are, to be published by Simon and Schuster this December, Gaulden takes a fearless approach at helping people uncover their authentic selves.

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