Thursday, May 15, 2008

Cheap or Just Thrifty? Be Both at

There has never been a better time to start you own business, earn extra income from home, even make yourself world famous. In these tough economic times, inventiveness is key, and thrift is in., which has been named by the website Associated Content as one of the "Top 10 Web Sites for Cheap Bastards," emphasizing creativity over, ahem, cost.

When money is scarce, what better time to finish that novel you're always talking about? Not going on vacation this year? With Lulu Studio, you can make a high-quality photo book of those pictures from last year's trip at a low cost. Spending more time in the kitchen and less at restaurants? Why not compile all of those creative, money-saving recipes into a cookbook?

"I am very proud of this distinction, even if not exactly what I had in mind when I started," says Bob Young, CEO. "Lulu customers have always known that in economic times good and bad, Lulu is there for your personal publishing needs.", the premier online self-publishing digital platform and marketplace, is free and fun. With, not only can you publish at no cost, but you can also sell your own product and even make money! With the easy-to-use self-publishing process, you can upload your product, design it online, create your own storefront, and get tips on publicizing and promoting your content, all at no cost to you. is all about you, whether you consider yourself a cheap bastard, downwardly mobile, or just cost-conscious.


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