Sunday, May 18, 2008 Lets You Publish In Minutes

Today, YouPublish launched its much-awaited website, allowing users to publish any file or combination of files on the Internet in a matter of minutes.

The Company has been accepting user registrations during the two months prior to launch, in which time it attracted users from 26 countries and 6 continents, ranging in age from 17 to 75. Some 40% of the site's users are located in Asia, but also come from such places as Slovenia, Brazil, Samoa, and Iceland.

Unlike such existing sites as YouTube and Amazon, the new content portal supports a wide variety of file types, so users can upload books, music, audios, videos, photographs, spreadsheets, animations, CG files, seminar packages or even software. And, the site supports any file type, in any combination, free or paid. is the perfect combination of the self-publishing aspects of YouTube, the social networking features of Facebook or MySpace, and the selling features of Amazon or iTunes, all rolled into one. The site will be adding to its networking tools in the weeks and months ahead.

There is great flexibility and power in being able to publish any file type, upload both free and paid content, publish or un-publish a file at any time, and having your own page within the site.

This unique fusion makes YouPublish a one-stop publishing and file sharing destination and allows creators of all types to effortlessly manage, publish, and distribute their materials in one location and reach a massive audience worldwide. Additionally, YouPublish pays content providers 50% of their sales (compared to 11% to 35% that is typical elsewhere). All other functions are free.

For consumers, YouPublish provides an opportunity to find great content and useful files not available anywhere else on the Web, to collaborate with their favorite creators and likeminded friends, and to build and share a library of their favorite works.

Every author has their own unique URL and home page where their works are showcased, and in the near future YouPublish will allow users and creators to communicate and build communities around the documents they find on the site. Each file on the site has a unique URL too, making it even easier to share files with friends or customers.


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