Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Way to Write & Publish Online

Aspiring authors have a new resource that will make online publishing more accessible and affordable than ever before, according to Cindy Grady, managing director of, a unique website that caters to fiction and non-fiction writers.

" is a new, interactive way for writers to create, share, publish and market their work," said Grady.

She said the company is dedicated to everyone who has ever thought they had a book inside them waiting to burst out. There are no hidden fees for publishing a book, and the site is free to use. Site members may choose to buy copies of their own book or purchase books by other WriteLife authors. There are no purchase requirements. Members may also take advantage of the free, integrated social networking tools in the WriteLife Coffee House.

"The creator and founder of WriteLife had been working on a book for 10 years and finally decided that it was time for a web community to be created where everyday people can write and publish their own books while getting peer advice on editing and revisions," said Grady. " will provide people with the proper tools and a growing community of fellow writers to publish their own book for free." features writing tools for adults and young writers. Any age will feel comfortable navigating the site. With school starting in a few weeks, WriteLife is sure to be a useful tool both in and out of the classroom.


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