Sunday, September 21, 2008

2008 Trends in Publishing Online by Lance Winslow

There are so many ways that allow authors and writers to put their work online now that it seems we have entered a whole new era in self expression. Even folks who many not have even ever considered writing a book or anything of that nature are getting their starts blogging, posting poetry, participating on forums and even writing and posting articles online. Better yet with the increase ability of word processing programs folks are even considering self-publishing an eBook or two.

The best part about this is the cost is nominal and they can concentrate on creating their work or telling their story rather than trying to chase down a publisher or go between. And even if their work is not perfect, it's a start and the more they do the better they get. Putting in pictures, formatting, and using templates is all something a new writer can learn quickly. Then they can publish in a .pdf file and post it onto the Internet for all to see.

In fact, there are websites online that allow authors and writers to post their poetry, articles, pictures, stories, essays, and even eBooks. Each sector has its niche players and some are quite substantial. One online article submission site has over 100,000 authors, many of whom are completely new to the writing scene. The online publishing trend is growing and we are noticing that the human race has a whole lot of information and insight still waiting to be collected and so this trend continues and there is no stopping it.

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Anonymous said...

I found what I think is a new self publishing website, WorldWide Alliance of Writers, It's pronounced "WOW!".com. It only took about 10 minutes and you get your book published instantly worldwide.

For $79 you will receive 5 printed copies of your book and a listing on their online store.

Unknown said...

Another newish company is Red Planet Audiobooks. They put together and distribute audio books for self published authors. The costs are higher than for e-books and the like, but for a "serious" self published author, it seems like a pretty good deal.