Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cold Tree Press Adds Two New Imprints

This year, three presses, dedicated to new and exciting works by previously unknown authors, have emerged on the publishing scene.

The first, Cold Tree Press, is not new in name, but is heading in an entirely new direction. Until early this year Cold Tree Press was known as one of the foremost self-publishers in the industry. As a self-publisher, Cold Tree was dedicated to quality--both editorial and design. The press abided by a very strict acceptance policy that allowed its books to stand out not only among other self-published titles, but among independent titles as well. Cold Tree authors have won honors from Foreword Magazine, Independent Publisher, Next Generation Indie Book Awards, National Indie Excellence Awards, and the ARPA Foundation for Film, Music, and Art.

Because the standards were so high, and because Cold Tree wanted to maintain an author-centric attitude, Cold Tree Press ceased being a self-publishing company in March 2008. They have converted to a traditional, trade paperback house so that they can focus not just on new authors and their voices, but getting those new voices heard.

As a companion to Cold Tree, Hooded Friar Press was conceived as a press where award-winning, previously unknown authors of fiction could at last be recognized.

In addition, they have also launched Moorsgate Press. Moorsgate will be a partnership press, dedicated to giving an opportunity to authors who would be otherwise overlooked by traditional houses. The criteria for publication will be as high as their standards have always been, and their commitment to quality will remain unmatched, which allows them to continue to give new authors a chance in the marketplace.

The missions for each are simple.

Cold Tree: Cold Tree Press is an independent, traditional, trade paperback press committed to introducing fresh, exciting voices to the reading public. It is its mission to take a chance on deserving authors and achieve the highest quality when bringing their words to the marketplace. Cold Tree believes in the power of words and ideas and strive to introduce readers to new, creative writers.

Hooded Friar: Hooded Friar Press is a small, traditional publishing house dedicated to publishing high-quality books by new authors. This new press believes in the importance of creative collaboration between writers, editors, and designers. In the spirit of that collaboration, they strive to treat every author as they would like to be treated with honesty, trust, and respect. The staff of Hooded Friar love books, and they believe that, in order to make books the world will love, the publishing process must be inspired.

Moorsgate: Moorsgate Press is a partnership press dedicated to taking a chance on writers with good ideas and well-written manuscripts, allowing previously unpublished authors the opportunity to have their works published in an uncompromising manner, to give them the best chance to succeed in the marketplace at large.

All three presses believe in the power of books, and they believe the public is hungry for new ideas, new worlds, and new voices to share their stories.


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