Sunday, September 7, 2008

Romance Author Writes Enchanting New Series While Husband Snores

Some authors listen to Bach or Beethoven for inspiration while they're writing, but Kathryne Kennedy's prose is accompanied by the snoring of her sleeping husband. "I often just tune it out," says Kennedy, "although sometimes I find my fingers pausing on the keyboard, waiting for that next snort."

Kennedy's most productive writing time is in the wee hours of the morning, when the rest of her household is asleep. "I have one of those adjustable beds and a laptop, so I find my bed the most comfortable place to put in long hours of writing. After I'm up and dressed and in my office, I find my creativity just isn't as fresh. I'm beginning to wonder if my husband's snoring is some sort of catalyst."

If that's the case, Kennedy should continue her early morning writing, as her Victorian fantasy romance series, the Relics of Merlin, has garnered critical acclaim. Publisher's Weekly calls it "simply delightful," New York Times bestselling author Eloisa James says its "really fun and imaginative," Fresh Fiction praises it as a "feel-good fairytale set in a spellbinding world" and Barbara Vey of PW's Beyond Her Book promises that it "will give adult lovers of Harry Potter the fix they've been missing."

The first book in the series, Enchanting the Lady, was released January 1. Double Enchantment will be available on September 1, and look for the third book in the series, Enchanting the Beast, in May 2009. Each book features one of Merlin's thirteen magical relics and can easily be read individually.

Kathryne Kennedy is currently running a contest on her website for the jewel featured in Double Enchantment. You could win a stunning diamond and garnet necklace by visiting her website at and signing up for her reader newsletter.

Regarding the success of her lighthearted series, Kennedy says, "I'll never complain about my husband's snoring again. Well, maybe not as much."

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