Sunday, May 17, 2009

Smashwords Introduces Ebook Publishing Solution for Book Publishers

Smashwords (, an ebook publishing platform and online bookstore that launched one year ago to serve self-published authors, today expanded its focus to serve publishers as well.

Smashwords helps book publishers make the transition to ebooks, and offers an attractive alternative to traditional online retail outlets because it pays publishers 85 percent the net proceeds from sales of their titles. Ebooks are sold to customers DRM-free and multi-format, making them readable on any e-reading device.

The first publisher to take advantage of the new Smashwords publisher solution was eXcessica Publishing, an indie e-publisher of quality erotica. eXcessica now publishes nearly 200 titles with Smashwords from 61 authors. About twenty small independent publishers have beta tested the new Smashwords publisher solution over the last three months.

"Smashwords represents the future of ebook publishing, distribution and retailing," said Selena Kitt, president of eXcessica Publishing. "Their publisher-friendly royalty structure recognizes that ebook publishers deserve more favorable terms than offered by conventional ebook retailers. Smashwords backs their so-easy-even-your-mother-could-use-it publishing platform with super-responsive support that enhances the reading experience for our customers."

The Smashwords service is free to publishers. Each publisher is provided a custom-branded online bookstore, and can list an unlimited number of ebook titles from an unlimited number of authors. Publishers gain access to numerous free promotion and selling tools offered by Smashwords, including the popular Smashwords Coupon Generator which makes it easy to run creative promotions across online social networks, blogs and web sites.

"Smashwords makes it easy for publishers to publish, promote and sell their ebooks," said Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords. "Publishers simply upload their books as Microsoft Word .doc or .RTF files and we automatically convert them into multiple ebook formats, ready for immediate sale online at a price set by the publisher. Our books are also distributed in the native catalog of Stanza, the popular e-reading app used by over 1.5 million iPhone and iPod Touch owners to read ebooks."

Prior to Smashwords introducing a publisher solution, publishers had difficulty listing titles with Smashwords because the service was architected for individual self-publishing authors, as opposed to multi-author publishers.

How Publishers Can Register

The Smashwords Publisher program is open to any publisher of more than two authors or pen names. To register, simply visit, click join, and then follow the instructions. For an overview of publishing options, visit

Smashwords to Launch Affiliate Marketing Program

In the coming weeks, Smashwords is preparing to release a new affiliate marketing program that will allow publishers, authors, third party online marketers and specialty bookstore operators to receive generous commissions on Smashwords ebooks, simply by sending book buyers to Smashwords titles. Authors and publishers who opt to participate in the affiliate program will receive up 70.5 percent net royalties, and affiliates will earn 11 percent or more.


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