Friday, August 28, 2009

BookBuzzr Offers a Free Marketing Tool for Publishers and Authors

Move over two-dimensional book cover images and scrolling text excerpts on web pages--there's a new marketing tool in town for publishers, authors and readers. This free tool is called BookBuzzr (, and it's the brainchild of author Chetan Dhruve and BookBuzzr's founder Vikram Narayan.

"A few months ago," Narayan states, "an author friend of mine -- Chetan Dhruve -- was describing the pain that authors face in marketing their books online." He goes on to explain that problems with website traffic and sharing of book info from one reader to another were the two main challenges Dhruve recognized.

Narayan and Dhruve came up with BookBuzzr, a software widget that makes it easy for authors and publishers to share books via websites, blogs, or social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and many others. There are also built-in features to help authors market their books on Twitter.

"Every time a fan of yours decides to post your book-widget on his or her blog," Narayan explains, "your entire information (including where to buy and buzz about your book) becomes available there." He adds, "Once a reader clicks on your BookBuzzr widget to read an excerpt, he or she is automatically taken to, a BookBuzzr sister website that hosts and catalogs the books."

Canadian author Cheryl Kaye Tardif uses BookBuzzr to promote her bestselling novels. "I love BookBuzzr! It's an innovative tool that gives readers a more real-like reading experience, since you can flip pages by dragging the corners. You can zoom in on text, which is great for those who love large print...I recommend this necessary tool to all authors and publishers."

To date, more than 2000 authors and 80 publishers have used BookBuzzr to promote their books. Authors maintain their copyrights and they (or their publisher) can decide how much of a book they want to give away as a free sample. Then authors, publishers and anyone else can install any of the book codes on a site or blog and promote these books to the masses. Talk about viral marketing!


Rowena Cherry said...


You are absolutely correct. Book Buzzr is fantastic. Not only does it work (I don't mean to damn anyone with faint praise, but functionality can be an issue for some... not Book Buzzr!) but Book Buzzr tweets to promote the authors who use it.

I second your praise of Book Buzzr!

Rowena Cherry

VN said...

Brian and Rowena,

Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement. Our entire team has been super-delighted by your comments and blog post. Rowena, your book also looks very interesting in BookBuzzr format. Also loved your website!


Vikram Narayan

Anonymous said...

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Vanessa Morgan said...

Signed-up for bookbuzzr today. Any suggestions on how and where to put the widget on Facebook and LinkedIn? Thanks.

Vanessa Morgan, author of Drowned Sorrow

Vanessa Morgan said...

Signed-up for bookbuzzr today. Any suggestions on how and where to put the widget on Facebook and LinkedIn? Thanks.

Vanessa Morgan, author of Drowned Sorrow

Freya3377 said...

Hi Vanessa

Have sent you an email :) but for others benefit too since you raised the question...

Please check the links to add the widget to Facebook
How to add Bookbuzzr widget to my facebook page? -
How to Market Your Book By Sharing Your BookBuzzr Book Widget on Facebook -

It is not possible to share the BookBuzzr widget on LinkedIn currently.