Monday, November 9, 2009

Nielsen BookScan to Produce Bestseller Book Charts for The Wall Street Journal

The Nielsen Company has launched its book sales monitoring and analysis service, Nielsen BookScan, to supply its world-class information to create customized bestseller charts for the world's leading business publication, The Wall Street Journal.

Nielsen BookScan will produce three weekly book charts for the Journal -- Hardcover Fiction, Hardcover Non-fiction and Business -- which will run in print and on every Friday. Nielsen BookScan has also agreed to create additional, customized charts for around specific genres such as travel and cooking, or current topical interests such as presidential memoirs.

Nielsen BookScan (, which monitors the English-language book industry worldwide, provides the most comprehensive charts data in the industry. The service provides weekly point-of-sale data with the highest possible degree of accuracy and integrity. BookScan tracks approximately 75% of general retail sales within the U.S. on a weekly basis including chains, internet retailers, discount stores, as well as large and small independents.

BookScan enables its subscribers to access comprehensive reports from a wide variety of perspectives organized by title and author, by category, by region or by DMA. In a typical week, sales of over 400,000 different titles are collected, coded and analyzed, producing complete market information for retailers, publishers and the media.