Monday, January 4, 2010

Book Writing Tips to Speed Write Your Book for Maximum Sales Sooner by Earma Brown

Where are you in writing your book? Whether you are almost finished after 2 years or just beginning, these book writing tips may help you. You owe it to yourself and your important message to finish fast and sell sooner.

For years, my book manuscript would end up in the drawer with the rest of my unfinished projects. No more; now I finish my book writing projects strong and fast.

I learned from my mentors who showed me the way. I even learned from my competitors who finished their books fast to sell sooner.
Here's some book writing tips to help you speed write your book for maximum sales sooner:

1. Place book writing goals in your top 3 priorities. Setup a regular writing schedule. Think about your priorities right now. Can you fit 7-10 hours a week in? If you have to let something go that is not high on your priority list, do it. Now is your time. Later is not better.

2. Put your reader first. When writing your book, you should be writing to your reader. Use the word "you" and avoid as much as possible using the words "I" and "We". An author friend chooses a friend interested in her topic and writes all her books to them.

3. Write an intention goal for your book. Do you have a plan in place? Write on purpose. Don't set yourself up for failure by not planning. Even if it's a simple intention goal like "I complete my book (title of book) this year by (date and year.) I educate myself and do what it takes to complete it." Set one and write it down so you can hit the target.

4. Break your writing into short sections. It's easier on you to write. Furthermore, it's easier on your reader to read. Try to break long paragraphs into shorter, more digestible chunks. Make it easy to read and you'll reach more readers.

5. Use short sentences and simple words. Writing and reading a long sentence takes longer than a short one. Cut lengthy sentences in half to make your writing easier to read. Aim your copy so a 6-7th grader could understand it. Remember using complex words won't impress your readers. Most times it will annoy them to the point of not finishing your book.

6. Be concise but specific. Compelling copy is concise. Unnecessary words waste your time and most of all your reader's time. It dilutes your message and makes your book longer than necessary. Additionally, be specific. When writing your book, stick to the specific information about your topic. The more relevant facts you include, the better. If you don't bother to dig for specifics about your topic, your book may end up vague filled with meaningless words.

7. Write your book the easy way to finish fast. Three of the top ways to speed write your book includes: Act Now. Action will paralyze fear each and every time. Avoid marathon writing. Know you don't have to become a hermit to write and complete a successful book. Commit to the tracking approach. Doing a set amount,even if it's only 30 minutes to an hour, each day builds a cumulative effect.

8. Use laser focus. Apply laser focus to complete your book writing project faster. For example, if you look at a 40 watt bulb, the light is soft. Yet you can take the same 40 watts; put it in a laser gun and the same 40 watts become a focused beam of light that can cut through different objects like a sharp knife through paper. To use laser focus in your book project, prioritize, do only one project at a time and complete one project before you start another.

If you don't use these book writing tips to finish fast, you may be this time next year working on the same book project. Remember to put your book writing in the top 3 priorities of your life, write an intention goal, put your reader first, break your writing into short sections, use short sentences and simple words, be concise but specific, learn to write the easy way and use laser focus. Using the above simple book writing tips you can easily write and complete your book fast. See you at the finish line. Finish fast; finish strong and sell sooner.

Earma Brown, 12 year author and business owner helps small business owners and writers who want to write their best book now! Earma mentors other writers and business professionals through her monthly ezine "iScribe." Send any email to for free mini-course "Jumpstart Writing Your Book" or visit her at Book Writing Tips

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Veessoppe said...

Hey I must say as a 4-time published author who still has unfinished projects with a semi- (okay, actuall) lackluster writing ethic as of recent, this sounds like good medecine. I was just thinking this today: schedule time. I know I have lots of ideas I would like to bring to literary life, but haven't... yet! These words of wisdom should prove valuable, and get me back on the writing tablets!