Sunday, April 4, 2010

Social Media Tools Vital in Building a Successful Book Promotion Platform

AuthorHive - Author Solutions' professional author marketing and promotional services company for traditionally published and self-published authors - is leading the way in offering social media tool products and services for authors. Social media has become a vital component in building a successful book promotion platform, according to marketing professional Chris Bass, who recently joined AuthorHive as director of author marketing services.

"The marketing world is changing quickly, especially with the emerging popularity of social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Authors who want to optimize their marketing efforts should incorporate a wide array of social media tools into their plan," said Bass.

Bass has more than 15 years of marketing leadership, working with leading brands including Subaru, Firestone, Steak 'n Shake, and the Indianapolis Colts. Throughout his career, he's experienced drastic shifts in marketing strategies, but the popularity of online social media has been perhaps the biggest "game changer."

"Social media is highly effective in leveling the playing field, for example for emerging authors, who may not have the largest marketing budgets," Bass said. "It permits authors to actively engage potential readers from the convenience of a computer and breaks down the barriers of cost and access."

Bass said AuthorHive, which serves both traditionally published and self-published authors, is offering authors several options for "getting in the social media game."

"The Online Bzzz package incorporates social media with the creation of a personal Web site and the implementation of a mass e-mail campaign," said Bass. "Authors can go even further with the Online Bzzz Plus Publicity package, which adds the services of a leading New York-based literary publicist dedicated to getting your book noticed by traditional and online media."

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