Sunday, June 13, 2010

Private Label Single ISBN

Outskirts Press and R. R. Bowker, the official ISBN Agency for the United States,announced they have reached an agreement establishing Outskirts Press as a designated ISBN agent of R. R. Bowker.

The agreement allows Outskirts Press to request single ISBNs from R. R. Bowker on behalf of, and in the name of, self-publishing authors who select the Private Label Imprint and Private Label ISBN option from

With the request of a Private Label ISBN through Outskirts Press, a single ISBN will be assigned in the name of the author, and/or to his/her publishing company.

According to Outskirts Press CEO Brent Sampson, "While our best publishing packages have always included ISBNs, now self-publishing authors have the option of owning their own ISBN and publishing under their own imprint name while still receiving all the valuable publishing and marketing support of Outskirts Press."

Prior to the agreement, self-publishing authors could publish with Outskirts Press under their own publishing imprint for a $99 Publishing Imprint fee only if they brought their single ISBN with them, which they would typically need to acquire from Bowker, either in blocks of 10, or via a single ISBN purchase for $125.00.

With the agreement in place, self-publishing authors can now conveniently add the Private Label ISBN to their Imprint option through Outskirts Press for $99, which is 20% less than purchasing the ISBN through Bowker directly. Barcodes using the Private Label ISBN are included, saving the author an additional $25.00.

For more information about the Private Label Imprint and ISBN option, along with all the services and products Outskirts Press makes available for writers who are writing, publishing, and marketing books, please visit .

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