Sunday, June 6, 2010

Writing Fiction - Can it Be Done? by Rebecca Emrich

Writing means many different things to many different people, in fact it is hard not to love writing something. Of course most people would sooner be published at some point but then we would want to do more than one book, so the cycle will begin again. it is a rather fun cycle and one which can be fun and exhausting all in the same moment.

Still there is a subject which most people love to talk about. Writing fiction. It is one of the more challenging types of writing out there. As I normally write nonfiction, fiction seems to be harder and more intricate. Still I have to ask, writing fiction, can it be done?

Below are three reasons why I believe that yes anyone can write fiction, and many more can write a good fiction novel and more can write some great fiction novels.

1) When you do the research you can make a fiction book as realistic as you want. All fiction has some basis in the "real world." It is simply you, the writer who adds the details, the spin which makes it fiction. The best fiction writers do this well, and make the readers fall in love with the people and places they create.

2) Fiction writing offers a creative outlet that nonfiction often does not: Fiction allows more creative room than nonfiction simply because the art is in the authors writing and not with the facts that they need to make interesting. This does not mean that they will simply write what they want, all fiction has a small basis in reality. This includes fantasy novels and science fiction novels. All writers need to research their work, and that includes fiction writes, but they do have a bit more leeway in terms of how they deliver the facts to their readers.

3) Yes there is a market for fiction writers: Although it is probably easier to break into the fiction market if you have a few nonfiction books, (having that fan base) it is still possible to sell great fiction books as a first time author. It has been done, and will be done again. A great book always rises to the top. Writers who have a plan for their fiction will find more success in the market. They have used the creative side of the brain and will find it easy to make a good marketing plan for the book they have written.

So yes, writing fiction is not only fun, but with time and practice it can be done. Just takes a few breaks in between to write it well. You simply need to keep on writing.

Rebecca is the author of many hubs on publishing on HubPages and writes about writing on the blog called: Living a Life of Writing, You can read this article there She also writes a blog on publishing called the Ups and Down of Publishing. where she discusses challenges and views of publishing. Rebecca is currently beginning to publish lenses on Squidoo as well. See her there on Squidoo.


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Many would be surprised to learn that many of the older fiction writers had access to scientific information that was not readily available to most.