Sunday, July 4, 2010

BooksOnBoard and Stanza Join Together on the iPad

BooksOnBoard and iPad now offer a full-sized reader solution for customers on the iPad with full backward compatibility for iPhone customers. In partnership with Amazon's Stanza eBook Reader, BooksOnBoard provides customers a world class tablet-based eBook reading experience.

"The Stanza iPad reader provides our customers with a bright, easy to view eBook reader" said Bob LiVolsi, president and founder of BooksOnBoard, "And it's completely backward compatible so customers that have invested significant dollars for our eBooks on the iPhone can now read them on the iPad as well as Nooks, netbooks, laptops and PCs"

The new Stanza puts to use one of the iPad's distinguishing features: its large screen size and image clarity. As a result, BooksOnBoard customers are now provided with a non-pixilated, full-screen view of their eBooks that offers an unparalleled eBook reading experience.

Amazon's Lexycle released the updated, iPad-compatible version of its popular eReader app, Stanza earlier this month. Stanza 3.0 now offers its users numerous new features and fixes, including extensive customization options, comic book support, and a streamlined means of transferring eBooks to and from the device.

These new developments affect both past and future customers; BooksOnBoard eBooks previously purchased for use on an iPhone are now compatible with the iPad, making readers' libraries accessible from both devices.

BooksOnBoard ( is the largest independent online retailer of eBooks.

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Unknown said...

This sounds great. I purchase a lot of my eBooks (along with audio books) from, so for them to be doing this (I actually had no idea) is awesome. I will keep my eye out, and once I see the Stanze iPad, I will definitely make sure to get my hands on it.