Monday, February 7, 2011

Nook Or Kindle? New Developments In 2011 Creating A Stir by Kathy Erickson

The choice for many people searching for ebook readers in 2011 still comes down to the Nook or Kindle. There are other ereader choices on the market, but the most popular devices by far are still the Nook and Kindle. Let's take a look at an updated comparison of the two and uncover some controversial developments.

Nook and Kindle Physical Design-

Both the Nook and Kindle are similar with same size reading screens, but the 3rd generation Kindle (Kindle 3) has a slimmed down design compared to the Nook. The Kindle 3 is noticeably smaller and lighter than the Nook. Barnes and Noble's device has gone through little or no noticeable changes from the original physical design released in 2009.

The Nook has updated its software to version 1.5, allowing for sorting of titles into "shelves", giving the ability to password protect the device, and giving it the ability to sync between devices. Amazon's Kindle allows you to do all these things with their products as well.

Differences Between Nook and Kindle-

Their are some obvious and not-so-obvious differences between the two devices.

Navigation: The Nook has a color touch screen underneath the reading screen that allows for the user to scroll between and within the titles using the swipe and touch of a finger. The Kindle is pure push-button technology. This technology difference alone is a source of love or hate for each product depending on the customer.

Battery Life: Battery life on one charge differs greatly between the two devices. The Kindle is 30 days with the wireless off, whereas the Nook has a max time of around 10 days with wireless off.

Memory: The Nook has expandable memory, with a standard memory of approximately 1,500 titles. The Kindle has a standard (not expandable) memory of 3,500 titles.

Speed Of Device: Both devices are very comparable in page turn speed. It is apparent when watching both devices work side-by-side, however, that the push button technology for scrolling through the text itself is a little faster.

International Capabilities: Only the Kindle works in foreign countries with the 3G wireless. Otherwise, of course the Nook works anywhere in the world, one just has to think ahead and download titles on the internet.

New Developments Proving To Shake Up The Battle

EPUB Issue: Only the Nook allows for use of the "Epub" file. Why is this important? Public libraries across the country are slowly becoming capable of lending out digital content via "Adobe DRM" software. Not all libraries are there yet, but they are getting there soon.

This issue alone is causing many people to thumb their noses at Amazon and buy the Nook. How will Amazon respond in 2011? They can't ignore this issue forever, or they will get left in the dust, right? We'll have to wait and see.

Amazon's Faulty Covers: Many people this holiday season were getting Kindles that seemed to have a strange problem...They kept re-setting! Amazon worked with numerous people, sending them new Kindles, only to have the same problem happen over and over.

The culprit has now been found and officially acknowledged by Amazon. It was the "non-lighted Kindle covers" that were apparently causing the constant resetting of the devices.

Amazon is attempting to resolve the problem by sending a free "lighted cover" to customers having trouble.

There are some major differences one can see when choosing between the Nook or Kindle, and it will ultimately come down to preference. Both devices are leading the market in ebook reader sales because they are both considered solid products.

Check Out Both Devices In Action

You can get help deciding between the Nook or Kindle by watching a great video showing both in action and getting more info at

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