Sunday, November 11, 2007

N.Y. Times #1 Best-Selling Author Forms Best Book Proposals

Barry Fox, Ph.D. has assembled a team of top-notch professional writers to form a new company, Best Book Proposals (, dedicated to the creation of first-class, high-end book proposals that garner top dollar advances from major publishing houses. Fox himself is the co-author of the New York Times #1 bestseller The Arthritis Cure, a book that sold for an amazing $450,000 advance. With 20+ years of experience in the publishing business and some 30 books to his credit, Fox knows how to sell an idea that becomes a top-selling book.

"Most people think publishing a book is all about writing, but in truth it's a lot more about selling," says Fox. "You have to sell your idea to an agent, then to an acquisitions editor, and then to the publisher's PR department. And once the book is finally published, you really go into high gear selling your book and yourself through the media."

"But the book proposal is the most crucial part of all of this selling because that's what starts the ball rolling. You've got to get your foot in the door and generate excitement. And you do this with a compelling, tightly-focused, beautifully organized sales pitch called a book proposal. Our mission at Best Book Proposals is to turn interesting book ideas into irresistible sales pitches that make acquisitions editors sit up and start salivating."

Fox has extensive experience in creating dynamic book proposals, many of which have sold for big advances. His clients, both current and former, include the Vice-President of a Fortune 50 corporation, a big game wild life veterinarian, an internationally-known philosopher, a top fashion model, a refugee from Nazism, a criminal defense attorney, a New Age guru, the butler who was ever-present during Princess Diana's final love affair, and the World Health Organization official who led a worldwide campaign to stamp out a killer disease.

The services offered by Best Book Proposals run the gamut from creating an entire proposal from a single idea, to reshaping and polishing existing proposals, to coaching those who want to write proposals themselves. And once the proposal sells for a hefty advance, the on-staff authors at Best Book Proposals are well-positioned to ghost or co-author the book, if the author so desires.

To contact Best Book Proposals, learn more, or read comments about previous projects from editors at major New York publishing houses, see The authors at Best Book Proposals can also be reached at (818) 713-8689.

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