Sunday, September 28, 2008

From zero to business hero with Publisher's twelve week book challenge

Co-operative publishing house Ecademy Press has set business owners across the globe the challenge to get their book from manuscript to reality in just twelve weeks and for less than the price of a typical full page advert. With businesses continuing to feel the impact of the credit crunch, "many will have overlooked the positive impact that being a published author can have on their long term credibility and ability to gain valuable market share", suggests Andy Coote, co-founder of Ecademy Press.

According to Coote, many businesses will now be revising their marketing and communications strategy in order to survive the downturned economy, with a large number looking to increase their advertising spend in order to raise brand awareness as others fall by the wayside.

However, this may not be the only way to achieve success in the long term and Coote believes that their valuable marketing budget could be put to much better use through writing and publishing a book, which could be in print within the same time frame as placing an advert in a magazine.

"Many publications have extremely long lead times and so businesses may have to wait several months before they see any return on their advertising expenditure. When you consider that you can publish a book in the same time frame and for a similar price, it is astounding that more businesses aren't turning their efforts to getting their message out to their audience through publishing a good and credible book," explains Coote, who founded Ecademy Press with internationally acclaimed 'Book Midwife' Mindy Gibbins-Klein.

"Being the author of a business book gives you credibility in your field, whether you are the CEO of a large multinational company or a self employed consultant. It can be used as a promotional giveaway at exhibitions or sold to attendees at a business seminar and you can be sure that it will be kept for longer than an issue of a magazine which carries the single advert you just paid thousands for," adds Coote.

There are many other positive aspects to directing the marketing budget into publishing a book, including the fact the Print on Demand publishing reduces waste as books are printed exactly in line with demand.

"Many of our authors have been astounded at how fast, simple and cost effective it is to get their book into print - and on to online sites like Amazon. And the great thing about a book is that business owners, consultants and specialists across all sectors can create a lasting legacy that will help them carry their business and their brand not just through this turbulent time but for many years to come," adds Coote.


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