Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Website Brings Multimedia Publishing Made Simple

UK website launched today delivers anyone the power to publish online multimedia documents that include video, audio and flash - easily and instantly. YUDU ( also seeks to become a leading global marketplace selling ebooks, documents and other media: one that brings together creators and their audiences, to share, buy and sell their content globally.

Today's BETA launch of the new YUDU site is also the latest evidence that digital publishing as a whole is reaching a tipping point of mass adoption.

"YUDU gives anyone the power to publish, share and sell online," says Richard Stephenson, CEO of YUDU. But it's not just another document-sharing site. "It should appeal particularly to creative individuals and professionals who want to produce quality ePublications and monetize their creativity." It also offers exceptional value to small businesses wanting to place their publications and video-docs online for marketing purposes.

"The new site," adds Stephenson, "Takes the technology developed for our award-winning professional publishing system and offers it in a site that is free, intuitive, simple to use and delivers your publication online in minutes."

The sharing aspect of the new site works like a video- or photo-sharing site but with documents at its core. It lets you upload your own publications and view other people's. Users can publish multimedia brochures, magazines, catalogues and books, plus photos, video-docs, music, podcasts, and visual bookmarks for websites; and to add and organise them in their own personal YUDU library - for sharing, selling or just their own private reference.

Users who do not wish to publish themselves can still earn money on YUDU from referral sales, by embedding content onto external websites and blogs. Any sales made by new visitors who are attracted to the site to buy will pay out referral commissions.


Anonymous said...

Yes Brian it is so easy to use and not doubt a very powerful instrument for anyone who wants to publish and organize their library with websites, books, music, photos and share with the world or be private or just with a group of friends. I really like it, hope you all enjoy it too.
Yudu is good because you do it!

bcritchfield said...

Thank you for giving a great overview of YUDU. We would love to hear any feedback that you may have after using our publishing tool. Feel free to e-mail us at social.networking @

One thing you didn't mention is that you can also embed your publications on your own website or blog. That allows you to take YUDU with you.