Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Search Inside Submission Helps Authors Sell More Books at

Amazon's "Search Inside the Book" feature allows potential book buyers to peruse the front cover, back cover, table of contents and featured excerpts of the book, just as if they were shopping in a brick-and-mortar bookstore.

Up until now, submitting a book to Search Inside has been a somewhat cumbersome ordeal, starting with sending an email to the appropriate autoresponder at Amazon, waiting for a reply and then either creating an alternate log-in account through Amazon's Seller Central, or mailing a hard copy of the book to Amazon's offices in Seattle. In the latter case, the submission process typically takes as long as 6 weeks or more; and in the former, the author is required to upload a specific PDF file according to Amazon's specifications, a file the author all too often doesn't have access to at all.

Announcing great news for self-publishing authors! At least for those authors published through Outskirts Press, who today announced the launch of their Amazon Search Inside Submission Service. Now published authors through Outskirts Press may simply request this service through their Marketing Center, conveniently and efficiently. Typically within 5 business days, their Search Inside is activated on their Amazon Product Detail page, depending upon Amazon's turnaround time.

"Search Inside is an oft-misunderstood and highly valuable component of Amazon," states Outskirts Press CEO Brent Sampson and author of Sell Your Book On Amazon. "Not only does Search Inside allow potential buyers a more comprehensive view of the book they are considering, but it populates Amazon's database with valuable information about the book's content, which improves Amazon's search results and customer targeting for the book. These can all add up to improved sales performance." claims that, statistically, books with "Search Inside" activated sell better than books without and self-publishing authors would do well to use every resource and tool at their disposal to tip the scales in their favor. To that end, Outskirts Press has assembled a team of marketing support experts offering their published authors a wide range of marketing and promotion services/products, now including Amazon's Search Inside Submission.

The service could not come at a better time, with so many businesses and individuals struggling to find success during the weakened economy. Online resources such as make it convenient for consumers to locate and purchase their books with specificity. This also gives a self-published author the same platform as any traditionally-published author to sell their books. Cutting out the middle man enables the self-published author to keep a higher percentage of their books sold and retain all their rights. In this economic climate, it is no wonder so many authors are seeking to take charge of their own publishing fate.



Metaphor said...

Man, that is great news... I been struggling with that too for some time until just yesterday I was on google and found this free 2 hour dvd that shows you how to get your book listed on page one in search engines in a few days... here's the link if you wanna check it out:

Mark Bajema said...

Look Inside is truly a powerful tool for promoting a book on I work for the Christian book publishers at Creekside Publishing and have researched the effectiveness of this.

For books which have "Look Inside" enabled, the contents of the book directly impact which keywords it displays for in search results on This is in contrast to the book description and book reviews which do not seem to impact the search results at all.

More important than the book contents, the title and subtitle impact the placement in search results on even more.

Creekside Publishing offers book publishing services and ministry consulting for Christian ministries.

For a sample of our work, take a look at the Christian marriage book and corresponding small group bible study marriage mentoring ministry for women, Beautiful Womanhood.